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Introducing the Pledge to Stay Well Journal—empowering tools for self-care and self-discovery.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed and defeated by negative self-talk playing on repeat? Are you struggling to show yourself the love, care, and support you deserve?
Want to navigate life’s challenges with more courage and confidence?

Inside you'll find 100 inspiring prompts presented on eight stunning cards. 

Written by psychologists, certified coaches, and mindfulness experts, these prompts are designed to help you:

☼ Alleviate stress and anxiety

☼ Cultivate self-love and self-worth

☼ Set meaningful goals and intentions

☼ Discover core values and beliefs

This is your safe space—a source of comfort and a vessel for your thoughts, reflections, and inner wisdom to flow.

Turn to your Pledge to Stay Well Journal to:

♥ Reframe your negative self-talk using the “Self-Talk Support” framework

♥ Calm your mind, body, and soul with Breathing Exercises

♥ Mindfully manage difficult emotions with personalised Self-Care Checklists

♥ Identify what’s truly important to you and say no to what doesn’t serve you with the Core Values framework

♥ Catalogue and review your biggest breakthroughs and lessons with the “Lightbulb Moments” index

Prepare to experience a whole new level of clarity, inner peace, and guidance.

Featuring a classic hardcover design, elegantly stamped with gold foil, Pledge to Stay Well journal celebrates minimalism, functionality, and style.

Special Features:

☾ Two Ribbon Bookmarks

☾ A5 High-Grade Faux Leather Cover

☾ Premium 100gsm Wood-Free Paper (FSC certified)

☾ 175 lined pages for self-reflection and self-discovery

☾ 8 prompt cards (86 prompts) divided into 5 categories: Alleviating Stress and Anxiety, Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Worth, Discovering Core Values and Beliefs, Setting Goals and Intentions, and Monthly Reflection. 

☾ 14 Gratitude Stops: 14 gratitude prompts thoughtfully distributed in the footer

☾ 3 Breathing Exercises: Mindful breathing techniques for managing stress

☾ Core Values: Framework for discovering core values

☾ Self-Care Checklist: Personalised checklists for managing difficult emotions

☾ Self-Talk Support: Personalised guide for reframing self-talk 

☾ Affirmations, Quotes & Mantras: Space for words that move you deeply

☾ Lightbulb Moments: Index of your “aha!” moments

☾ Full colour page quotes to recharge your perspective  

☾ Original design by Fanny Arles

☾ Journalling Prompts curated by Rachael Kable, Elaine So, Bridget Murphy and Amy Kate Isaacs.

☾ Dimensions: 214x155x23mm

☾ Weight: 472g

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