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Cycles, ancestral patterns and things you just do without knowing why. I can help you find out who you were in a past life, what kind of life you lived and what patterns you faced. With this information, you can then piece together how that resonates with this life and how you can better yourself along your journey. 


Once you purchase a past reading, please add in the notes section your date of birth and I will send you an intuitive card reading with information on who you were in your past life and how this relates to the cycles you face in this life.

You will receive your reading via email with a photo of your spread. Feel free to respond with any feedback or questions you may have. But once your reading has been sent, you won't receive any more cards.

Readings are typically booked a week in advance due to high volume. If you would like a reading fast-tracked, please email themfknempress@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @themfknempress for consideration.

Co-Owner Nita/The Mfkn Empress has been guiding our community through all types of struggles from love, work and life-related since 2018 with over 400 reviews on her Instagram highlight reel called 'THE PROOF'. She also facilitates both Online & In-Person Moon & Self-Development Rituals and has been building an Empire of strong, awakened individuals that are growing every single day, creating their dream lives unapologetically. The Empress is more than just your average tarot reader, she helps guide you through your daily struggles and empowers you by giving you the permission to stand up and take your power back. 

If you would like to check out Nita's experience, feedback from clients or just an overall vibe on who she is before you choose to trust her with a reading please check out her Instagram @themfknempress

Planting Good Karma Seeds Everywhere,

Nita Mu <3

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